Carer Reporting Screenshots

Carer Reporting
The Carer area allows you to see statistics about the carers timekeeping, hours worked that week and the number of calls attended (based on the number of checkins). This home screen will also show you if their app is out of date which can be useful in the event any troubleshooting is required.
Clicking Upcoming bookings will allow you to see all of the bookings in the future for the carer that have been updated on Care Line Live. Clicking on Report will drop you directly into the reporting information which can be seen by clicking here with the carer already selected.
If you selected Edit then you can upload a picture of the carer as well as edit their e-mail address (required to sign into the app) and add their contact number. Carers Names, E-mail Addresses, Photos and Contact Numbers are syncronised to all the address books within your organisation.

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