Reports by Client or Carer

Reporting-1Simply click Reports on the main menu to bring up an interface where reports can be viewed.
Different colours let you easily see what calls were missed (red), calls that were longer than the allotted time slot (orange), calls that were unscheduled (green) and calls where the carer left early (blue).

Any comments left by the carers on the call will be shown on the reports for you to quickly act on if there were any issues.

The red exclamation mark indicates the carer had a problem at this call. This could be one of 3 things… either the carer checked in a long way from the property, checked out a long way from the property or checked in without scanning the QR Code in the clients property.

When working through variations and matching up invoicing with time sheets, simple tick boxes adjust the colour of calls so you can work through invoices ticking them off as you go and clearly see where you got up to.

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Location Information

location_informationWith each checkin you are able to view the information on the call. The information shows things such as the location of the checkin and the checkout. Care Line Live shows how accurate the location was at the point of checkin and checkout so you can see where the carer really was. As you can see by the screenshot to the right Google has placed the blue house (the clients property) where it thinks it is located. The green and red symbols show the checkin and checkout. It’s clear that this test was a significant distance from where it should have been.

If Google’s location is inaccurate from where you know it should be you can now drag the icon of the clients house to the right point on the map.

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Reports for a Carer

carer_reportingWithin the Care Line Live Management Portal you are able to view reports for each carer. It’s here that you can upload a picture of the carer, add in their e-mail address and contact number. These three pieces of information along with the carers name are also sent to the address book of all the carers within your company.

The carer section also shows vital information such as if the app on the carers phone is out of date (useful in the unlikely event there are any issues) but also shows on average how on time the carer is. You can also see the total number of hours worked that week and how many calls they attended based on their check in’s. Clicking ‘Upcoming Bookings’ will also allow you to see their rota if you are out of the office and have no access to your internal systems.

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