Care Line Live delivers 3 main ways of monitoring what’s going on. Firstly, every setup of Care Line Live comes with one 27″ monitor with a Raspberry Pi delivering a live interface with our server.

27″ Screenacer_v273hl_1
Depending on the organisation you can choose whether you require 1, 2 or 3 screens in your office. In the base package, one screen is split into 3 areas as shown in the image to the right. Area 1 will show a list of the most recent checkin’s – how long ago they were, the carers name, the clients name and the location summary. Area 2 will show a list of the upcoming bookings with a duration till the scheduled booking time, carers name, clients name and the location summary. Area 3 will show a map pinpointing all of your carers. Below each pin point is the carers name.
However Care Line Live can also be purchased with 2 live monitors. If this configuration is chosen then one screen will show areas 1 & 2 whilst screen 2 shows only area 3. This will give you more definition to the Map and also allow you to see a longer list of upcoming bookings and recent checkins.
If necessary there is the option to have the system with a 3rd screen. In this case all 3 screens will have one area each; in other words screen 1 will show the recent checkin’s, screen 2 will show the upcoming bookings and screen 3 will show a map.

The Raspberry Pi’s are connected to each of the screens and these are what control the screen. They are very basic computers about the size of your hand that connect to our server and format the reporting information into something that can be displayed.

Management Website
With every setup of Care Line Live you will be given access to your own company’s management portal. This shows you the live electronic time sheets and reporting information. When you first login you will be faced with a management dashboard which allows you to see all of the three areas mentioned above. However, in addition, if an upcoming booking has been missed by the originally rostered carer and you know it is either being attended in the future or has been attended by another carer you can hide the booking from the live screen mentioned above. There is a simple tickbox next to each upcoming booking, ticking this box hides the scheduled call.

Management Application
The third way that Care Line Live provides live monitoring to you is through the optional Android Management App. If purchased this App will come with it’s own phone with a larger screen. The larger screen allows you to easily see the upcoming bookings for all carers and the recent checkins. Of course you will also be able to view any missed bookings.
As with all of the other handsets information on all of the carers will be stored on the management phone so you will be able to easily call any of the other carers within your organisation.

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