In 2013 we started the development of Care Line Live. Initially, only available as Care Line Live Monitor, it’s now available as Care Line Live Management too.
We’ve worked tirelessly for three years to develop one of the most innovate rostering (timetabling) platforms that the care industry has ever seen.

Completely Cloud based, Care Line Live can be accessed anywhere in the world, from almost any device. The on-call managers can now modify your carers rotas from a tablet or mobile phone, meaning that your customers care requirements are always first. We’ve built a unique carer app that all of your carers have on the mobile handsets that we provide. Rota changes made on our cloud platform are reflected on the carers phones within seconds along with medical history and important information that the carer may need to know before their visit.

Our platform includes informative auditing information, so changes made to client information and appointments can be seen meaning that you can always trace things back to the carer that made a choice to make a change.

Instant Knowledge
It’s hard to keep a check on what’s going on – so we’ve built a notification drawer into the platform. This gives notifications of when carers are over a certain amount of time late. This allows you to keep on top of whats going on, maybe you know why their late, or maybe you need to make a call to see whats going on. By using Care Line Live you’ll have the resources to make that decision quickly and effectively.

Automated Tasks
Working with an agency, we realised that one clear issue is the amount of time spent dealing with paperwork, especially paperwork that can be automated. So we’ve worked to try and remove as much of that as possible. Automated invoicing and payroll are just two of the ways we’ve tried to remove tasks from the office managers, allowing you to spend time focusing on making sure your employees are delivering the best quality of care possible to your customers.

We want to help you provide the best care possible, to those who need your support.

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