The App

The Care Line Live is a bespoke app which we have created to integrate with our servers and cloud-based platform.

When first opening the app the carer is given the instant option to be able to check in. Clicking this will bring up the QR Code Scanner which will enable them to quickly create a checkin notification. Alternatively, swiping from left to right will bring up the side menu allowing the carer to go into further options such as viewing their rota.

Once the barcode has been scanned it will match against a booking and ask the user if they want to check in, if they approve the match then in their rota the screen will progress forward to the checkout screen where they can easily check out of the current booking. Information is left to remind them of certain key facts such as who the client is. If they use the swipe menu and click on the rota then attended bookings show highlighted. Where another carer will also be attending the booking the booking will be shown as ‘With’ somebody else underneath the client name.

Saved in each booking within the rota is important information about the client which is synchronised with the office. This information includes the clients address, contact number, the reason or type of booking, any important information and their medical history. Clicking the Map icon will show the location on Google Maps whilst clicking the phone icon will start a call to the client’s number.

Being a software product Care Line Live can be adapted to suit your business in ways which may not currently be needed for other users of the system. If you would like to find out more about the customisation that can be offered or any of the system at all please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide a no-obligation free presentation and explain how Care Line Live could work for your business.

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