We understand that when purchasing a system such as Care Line Live knowing theres someone to call if you have a problem is important. Thats why along with every handset that’s provided by us, we install Parallels MDM software.

This software allows us to take control of the handsets if necessary. It continually feeds live CPU, battery and memory information back to a portal which enables us to see the cause of most issues. If necessary, we are also able to take control of the devices in the event of any serious issues.

Along with the support information Parallels Mobile Device Manager (or Parallels MDM) allows us to block access to certain applications preventing misuse of the handsets provided. We can also easily view the handsets call history and in the unlikely event that the handset is lost we have two options for protecting your data. The first option depends on if you know where you misplaced the handset; if you do then we can simply lock the device until you are able to retrieve it. This is useful for a period of around half an hour but is not designed to replace the second option. The second option occurs in the more serious event that a handset is completely lost, we can sent a remote ‘wipe’ command to the handset. This will permanently remove all data from the handset and the data will be un-retrievable.

Further to the above we provide full telephone support in case of any issues. You can be sure that there is always someone able to deal with any issues that you may have.

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