Each carer is provided with a handset to work the app from. The handset runs Android and where possible we try to utilise the Motorola Moto G handsets as these have a good colour and a reasonable battery life. We will always use the latest technology at the best price for you and if you would prefer to specify the devices used then we are happy to work with that information too.

On each handset we use management software to keep the phone maintained so when the phones arrive to you they are already configured with the following settings:

  • – Our Mobile Device Management app installed so we can enforce group policies, add Wi-Fi Keys, Install apps, Remove apps and disallow apps.
  • – Your company’s version of Care Line Live is installed. With the management software we use this also allows us to update the app in the event that things need to be changed.
  • – Facebook and all other social media applications will be disabled preventing abuse of the handset.

With our monitoring system it also allows us to track any calls made to and from the handset. Whilst we can not monitor or record the calls we are able to see the duration and the full caller ID. If necessary we can then use the billing portal to block access to certain numbers and monitor the calling costs.

We provide information to the company of any overuse charges that have been applied to the account at the end of every month. Some of the current users of the system will then take that information back to the carer and request an explanation. If a reasonable explanation can not be provided then the carer may have to cover the cost of the over use.

Our management & maintenance software includes safe guards in the unlikely event that a handset is misplaced. We can clear all company confidential information or even completely wipe the handset if necessary. We can also send messages which can be displayed over the lock screen. If necessary if the handset is left somewhere and you already know where it is, we can lock the device to prevent any unauthorised access until you are able to retrieve the handset.

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