Network_logosWe are partners with two of the UK’s largest mobile communication networks. This allows us to offer a solution based on the best coverage for the area you work in. Our preferred choice is Vodafone but options are available with O2 too.

Every handset has 3G enabled for the fastest connection possible (where available). If there is at any point no signal then all check-in’s and check-out’s are queued and update when there is enough signal.

If signal ever becomes an issue for the carers then there is an add-on to enable check-in’s to be sent via text which the server can then interpret although this isn’t ideal as could increase the cost of the system.

With either network each organisation has one master contract with a maximum number of sharers (dependent on the level of master contract). For example if a company was to take on the Business Sharer 5000 contract they would get 5,000 minutes and 5,000 texts per month with a maximum number of 55 connections. All in this would mean each handset would receive an inclusive allowance of 90 text messages and 90 any network minutes per month before any overuse charges would apply. A benefit to using the Vodafone network is this also includes unlimited free calls to UK landlines (01, 02 and 03 prefix) and unlimited calls to any other mobile on the Vodafone Network.

By having the contact information for every client on their rota in the carers phone they could carers the service offered by calling the client to let them know they are on their way if they were running late without having to worry about charges.

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