How It Works

We have two versions of Care Line Live. Care Line Live Management and Care Line Live Monitor.

Care Line Live Management is our newest product, it is a complete care agency management system that’s fully cloud based. Like other rostering platforms, we can create full rotas, either through an auto-appointment system (that automatically adds calls to clients as near as possible to their specified time) or you can add ad-hoc calls yourself. You can update rotas and those changes are reflected on the carers phones within seconds, but whats revolutionary is that all of this can be done from a Tablet, Laptop or Computer… whenever, wherever, as long as you have an internet connection! We also create invoices, automatically based on the carers attendance and payroll, again all based on your carers attendance, which we can prove through the use of the GPS Tracking that we have built-in. Care Line Live Management includes the fail safe methods and the further information that’s also included in our Care Line Live Monitor product. Our packages are available with or without mobile handsets.

Care Line Live Monitor is designed for Care companies who want to produce electronic timesheets and monitor where their staff are. The system currently has full integration with Staffplan and integration with other rostering packages is possible. Built in conjunction with South Coast Care Care Line Live is built with care companies, for care companies. We have built it around whats required for a Care Agency instead of what we, as software developers, think is important. As this is an evolving platform we can further customise the application to the needs of your company if necessary.

Care Line Live works by connecting to the server (or main computer) that holds the database of clients and calls; if you don’t know what this is we can identify it for you. For now, we will refer to the machine that stores the database as your ‘server’. Information is then read from your server and transmitted securely to one of our servers in a data centre.

Care Line Live Layout
Each Carer is given an Android based handset which connects to our server and can then read the information stored, such as their rota. When they then check-in using the App, the information is sent back to our server which is then instantly ready to view on the Care Line Live Reporting section viewable within the management portal you will be given access to.

To enable successful check-in’s, our system produces QR Codes for every client. These codes should be placed inside the clients property allowing the carer to scan them as soon as they walk in. By scanning the barcodes the carer is registering a Check-In has taken place.

Fail safe techniques
One of the problems we had to overcome when developing the system was ‘what happens if clients are in areas of poor signal’? To overcome the issue we have built in fail safes which ensure the continued operation of the system. By default if there is no internet signal to the handset then the check-in and check-out information will be stored in the handset and then submitted to our server when there is signal again. If however this becomes an issue there is an optional extra where we can enable the information to be sent via text message to our server.

What other information is in the app?
We have also included further client information being stored on the phones. The aim of this is to keep the carer updated at all times with any medical changes. Stored on the handset along with the Rota is certain information about the client. The client’s phone number is displayed with a direct click-to-dial functionality so they can be easily called, any medical information thats stored in the office database, full address (which can map a route from the carers current location using Google Maps) and any other information stored on the office database.

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